About Us

Our little operation basically consists of Robert and Maranda Webb. The Webb household includes Robert, Maranda, their two children, a pair of Australian Shepherds, and a black cat. Robert has been involved with cattle in some form or another from raising calves for butcher as a young boy, to working his first job at 13 years old at the local sale barn, and then from the ages of 15 to 27 he milked cows for a local dairy. Maranda didn't remotely show interest in cattle at all until she started helping Robert manage the commercial herd in 2007. It didn't take long for her to fall completely in love especially with the bulls.

While helping maintain and manage a commercial longhorn/corriente herd we felt we enjoyed the longhorn attributes best. So, looking into purchasing a registered longhorn bull led into studying the bloodlines and developing a love for the rich history of these animals. Our first registered purchase was in 2012 of a bull for the herd and that led into the purchase of two heifers later in 2014. At that time we made the decision to stick with and transition fully to registered longhorns only. As we sold off our non-registered animals we tried to replace them with good females from bloodlines that we were interested in.

We have tried to continue to grow at a slow pace and be thoughtful of what we have added. We are trying to breed animals that WE would be interested in buying and owning. We are having the best of times and have met the absolute best people!